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Last week I woke up with the following statement in my head. “Failed and Failed even more. It is the only way to success. Keep on going!!” I went ahead and posted it on Facebook and later on that night one of my friends who’s an amazing artist made a very cute drawing for me, […]

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The Joy After The Failure

Last week I woke up with  the following statement in my head.

“Failed and Failed even more. It is the only way to success. Keep on going!!”

I went ahead and posted it on Facebook and later on that night  one of my friends who’s an amazing artist made a very cute drawing for me, reflecting the quote.

That phrase became real, together  in that interaction failure stopped being an issue. We talked about failure without fear, we were brave girls putting all our stories in a hopeful ladder to success.

I was happy to show my heart, she showed her’s and we made something amazing! Later on, I decided to share the picture as well, suddenly so many people were being touched and encouraged by this image.


No need to hide, I thought. People need to know that it is well, we are doing this walk together and we are not alone.

Powerful people own their stories and they have valiant moments where they conquer fears and they celebrate the victory as a family. Powerful people do not hide in perfection, they show their wounds and they heal. Powerful people understand their struggle and ask for help. Powerful people are never alone, they show their hearts and speak life to themselves first and then to others.

I have failed and failed even more. It is the only way to success. Keep on going!







Practical tips to let go of control

Control is the sense that we have when we need to be in charge. The anxious feeling we experience when we don’t know what will happen in the future and we can’t predict it. Our choices in this matter are limited, there is so little that we can plan or even do regarding others. However, we actually have power over one, that is, US.

We have the freedom to make choices and arrange our own agenda. We can decide what  we will choose to feel or do in a certain situation, that it is all the power We have.

Once we step into other’s territory we are abusing of our relationships with them.  I will say that we can be quite manipulative sometimes.

Stress and anxiety are dressed with unlimited fears of the future, but, the future is the only thing we can never have. Future is never here, we live preeminently in the present.

Letting go of control is the action of purposely choose to embrace the present moment and rest in it. Being mindful of the fact that  everything has been provided for us to enjoy or simply be in this specific moment. So with no further do, here so practical tips to let go of control:

  1. Be grateful and practice it. Take a pen and piece of paper and write down the things that you can be grateful for.
  2.  See and touch what is around you, pay attention to the scenery, the food, colors, fragrance, music, weather, sounds.
  3. Make your own agenda.  Make plans for your life with you in mind. We can’t control other people and they might have other plans, so take the risk to go alone to some places.
  4. Be Self-compassionate. Love you, be merciful to you. Be gracious to you like you would like other people to be to you as well.
  5. Plan ahead.  Make a plan on how you will react to a certain situation, how you will honor and respect others and yourself.
  6. Take ownership. Take ownership of your life, only you are responsible, so don’t let others be the reason why you be anxious or stressed. Blaming others won’t bring life.
  7. Schedule rest. Rest is important, when we don’t have recreational or just a good sleeping time we do not function well, there is chaos in our thoughts and we can’t have a sound mind.
  8. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes, we are always learning, it is part of the journey to stumble in the way. However, life if supposed to be fun and we need to remember that. Watch some stand-up comedy, make jokes and make it a habit.

Things take time, but every time we feel it’s the moment to let go, we can use this tips to move forward.




With water in His hands.

I didn’t understand the pain I passed thru.

To little to comprehend, there was much fear around the sweet hope of a new horizon. Illusions were broken when all went wrong again.

Loud voices calling my name screaming their own pain, tinted my eyes with tears. Arms as cold as loneliness, I thought it was my fault. Nothing personal, nobody wanted to hurt me so. Buried in their own confusion, sometimes clothed in regret. While little me was alone creating her own reality, till their noise awaken me to fear and everything turned gray. Hated the fake reality where I’ve learned to survive having control.

I dreamed with believing again in the sunny days, playing around grateful of the love I experienced from above.

People is hurt, I knew. Determined..”I will love them well” I said, but my heart was broken, never big enough, never worthy enough. Dried on a side, no even a tear was left, no words to say. “Make me sleep eternally” I prayed walking in the middle of the dessert, no love could make me look up, tired till my bones.

With water in His hands He came, lifted my head and helped me drink. Finally, in His arms, I discovered the embraced I was waiting for. The Father, He hides me inside his heart super passing any of my dreams. He said this is who I am… a fountain of acceptance, nearness, and eternal belonging. He called my name and there was no pain but delight. He delighted in his daughter.  Holding my heart gently, He cried. His empathy crushed away my confusion and gave me all the comprehension I need it. He knew me well.

Healing my heart every day, He guards me in Him. I have been brought home, where I can rest.  My Father has a place for me in his abundance and I am loved.





It is inevitable, our creation must come from a place of fullness.

We are always creating either we are aware of it or not. Everyday of our lives we co-create and partner with fear or with love.

I was listening to Ms. Lauren Hill and suddenly I felt  influenced to create, to express what was inside of my soul and mind tangled together in perfect harmony and the honest truth is that I was struggling the whole week with fear, I knew I was scared I had no idea how to not to be.  For a moment, I could identify that in fact I have never stopped creating. I saw this atmosphere around me, a very messy room, pain in my body, cloudy thoughts, disengagement and in simple I was reproducing fear.

The question then is:  What are the characteristic of Love? How does it look like?

If I could describe love,  what comes to my mind is the most grounded truth I know based on the song “Pieces” by Amanda Cooks.

Love is not INSECURE, is unreserved, unrestrained, unashamed, uncontrolled, un-contained, not fracture, not anxious, present, not broken, pure…

However, when I partner with fear I am the opposite of all of that and instead become: passive, anxious, ashamed, fractured, reserved,distant, broken, selfish, disengaged….

Partnering with love is a choice. Is choosing to believe in the words of peace that come from Him, understanding that in Him there is abundance. He won’t hide or run away. He is crashing our anxiety with his wild love that is not given to us in pieces but purely assuring his covenant with his daughters and sons. Actively engaged in an eternal relationship that is not planned to be ended.

This is the place from which we create. From His fullness and in His rest, trusting in what only He can do. Becoming a then extension of his love where ever we go,shifting the pain into healing, hurt into joy, loneliness into hope. Gathering broken pieces and rebuilding what was destroyed. Making things new with the Father.

We are always creating. Everyday we co-create with fear or love.